Monday, 29 November 2010


For as long as I can remember my aspirations to Living Life Luxe have always been influenced & to some extent I imagine always will be influenced by TOM FORD, the man who redefined the meaning of LUXE and revived peoples thirst for the luxury market & the lifestyle that is associated with its products.

Although Ford never really stepped away from the spotlight, with his limited beauty collaborations for cosmetic company Estee Lauder, who are now the powerhouse behind his extremely LUXE own brand Tom Ford fragrance and ever expanding beauty collections.

Then we saw yet another impressive side to the designer with his directorial debut of the film A Single Man which was the perfect showcase for not only his creative vision behind the camera but also for his modern take on classic mens tailoring which we have seen dominating the red-carpet around the globe on those deemed fortunate enough to be wearing it.

New York fashion week saw Tom Fords triumphant return to the world of womanswear, whilst there was a break from Ford designing womans collections since his departure from the Gucci Group – you get the feeling he was waiting for just the right the moment to yet again almost ten years on give the world a reason to no longer feel guilty about all things LUXE.

Having recently released a selection of images from the campaign that has been so tightly under wraps until now - it is obvious how long not only the fashion world have been waiting for this, but the wider audience that it transcends – Life is for living and it’s about time we started living it LUXE once again.

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